I make art in all forms

Amanda Narcisi is a pittsburgh native who has a love of city life.

    Born in Emsworth in 1979 she attended Avonworth High School where you could find her spending most of her time in the Art Room.

    Her sophmore year in high school her art teacher sat her at a computer with the first edition of Photoshop and said: “Learn it and teach me.” Little did she know he was taking her love of fine art and moving it to the computer.

    That same year Amanda discovered her love for writing poetry and short stories. She had then joined Avonworth’s Fragments, the literary magazine that combined art and pieces of literary work done by students. She submitted art and poetry. She continued her work with Fragments until she graduated and her senior year she was awarded Editor of the Magazine.

    Also her senior year her art was a continuous focus and she even recorded and edited her first commercial on Premiere. She had been touring colleges and had her heart set on studying communications. About november of that year she was called to the office to have a meeting with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, which she had already toured but didn’t apply. When she had gotten back to the art room after the meeting her teacher asked why she was late. She explained that someone had arranged for her to meet with the school, but that she didn’t think she was good enough to go. He said he was that someone. He asked her just to at least apply and see what happened. She listened; after all he was her eachother for 13 years and knew her and her talents.

    After a few rejection letters her only acceptance was to Art Institute of Pittsburgh she decided to attend and get her associate in Graphic Design. She focused her study on illustration and layout design.

    She graduated AIP in 1999 and started at a company in blawnox shortly after. Six months after graduation she got the call to go back to AIP to get her Bachelor of Science. The program was new so it introduced new things like HTML scripting and Photography classes. She graduated late in 2000 and was set off into the work force.

After a few more months in Blawnox she went to another job and eventually left Pittsburgh in 2005. For the next 9 years she was in Boston and worked most of the time in New Hampshire. She only got into one art job in Massachusetts and she left after being offered more money at Starbucks where she had been working for years.

While she was in New England she did start to study Social Media and attended, sponsored, and attended many Social Media Breakfasts and Tweet-ups. She eventually joined Podcamp New Hampshire as their designer. She ended up teaching sessions and helping to run it for three years.

In 2013 her personal life took a negative turn and she returned to Pittsburgh. There she started her life over. She continued with Starbucks and got into another design job.

In 2014 she got the great idea to start a dating blog. On that could put a funny twist on being single in Pittsburgh. She wanted to include places to eat and drink, etiquette, and advice. Then just when the blog was to launch she got frustrated at her job and decided to make her dreams come true.

She built BOLD Pittsburgh along with her friends as a showcase to all the fun in Pittsburgh. A year after it was launched Amanda lost both jobs and decided to go at it on her own. She then launched Amanda Narcisi-Mixed Media Artist and took BOLD Pittsburgh on full time.