My Body, My Temple

When I first told my grandmother, who was a a cranky but insightful woman, said: "Your body is a temple, why desecrate it." I replied that I was instead giving it a hyroglyphic. I have now 6 tattoos. But I am currently sitting in a doctors office and I am starting to think more of my temple from a health standpoint.  

I have had two cancer scares. One resulted in a surgery that makes it rough for me to have anymore kids. I also had my Gal Bladder out. A horrible episode that I don't wish on anyone. I have also had two births; one with pain meds and one natural. Countless mammograms, Pap smears, and exams. I roll my ankles every week and I have had crutches once and a brace another time.


The point: my body had been through so much. And in perspective to the people around me I am healthy. For the first time I work two jobs on my feet and I don't have shin splints or plantar facitis. But for instance, this doctor visit is for my partner who is in so much pain he can walk. Or my dad who is now on dialysis and has diabetes. 

Here is my chilling thought. I haven't been to the doctors since my last surgery. Two years ago now. The thing is that I feel healthy. Yea I am curvy and I can't run a mile, but I don't smoke anymore, I drink minimally and when I do it is usually wine, and I no longer crush entire packages of Oreos like they are my bitch. Instead I try to eat healthy do some yoga and I work to much to exercise.  

Bit it even though I have insurance again I don't feel like being poked at or told that I may have cancerous cells and they need to cut them out. I don't want it. 

My temple is just fine. 

Here Comes Success 13/100

If I ever want to measure real successes with BOLD, I think of the events and the life I Amy lead due to it. Last week and the week before re I was met with a few events that made me stop and say: wow. 

Let start with the cake celebration at the Omni William. It was cool to be a member of the press and I had my photo picked up by Omni Hotels Instagram page. Bonus!!! 



The next event was also for Omni William Penn when I attended a special dinner for the centennial and they had prepared a special menu for the evening. I sat at the press table which was filled with all the major news outlets. I sat with editors and publishers from the biggest media outlets in Pittsburgh. I was the little Blog that could. I was playing with the big leagues that night. It was a huge connection success. 



Then came the turtles. I always reach out to the attractions around Pittsburgh for media releases and press releases. I took a shot at the Pittsburgh Zoo taking me as a news outlet. Then the first release came. It was the sea turtles being released back to Florida. I was there with all the media outlets again. But this was why I started BOLD. One amazing story. Story of a species overcoming adversity and getting help from some amazing friends. And how w cool is it to photograph baby sea turtles? 



Hello success... 

Out of Control 12/100

I know I dropped the ball on the 100 days of blood going. I want t make it a point to pick up where I left off. I download added the app for squarespace on my iPad so I should have some more flexibility to write. So here is why I fell so far for a goal:


I am out of control.  

i don't mean the 20-something again-girls-gone-wild out of control. But the exhausted and stressed not in control of my life scenarios. I knew it was coming. I took on to much. Two part time jobs, running a business and a relationship? No wonder I am in bed by 10. For two weeks now I have been living by my schedule book and fitting BOLD in when I can. Don't even ask if I have made a piece of art in months...the answer: no. Not painting, no upcycle art and now t even a sketch. Thank god I haven't had any freelance come down the line or I would be scared to see my new follower undo love for Red Bull. But why do this all to myself? Other then cash? Because I have no control. For a year now since I got fired and layed off I have felt this endless hamster wheel. Like I just keep runnng and hope that I get a prize. So far: no. I mean I had successes, but nothing that secured a future. Even a client that I thought would last all summer didn't pan out and that is ok. I can't sweat everything anymore. 

I can set goals and a list of things to do with the things I can control. I can control my performances at my jobs. I can give 150% to them and get raises and promotions. I can control the paths that BOLD takes. I can see where we can go and the opportunities we have to succeed. Hell, in some realms we have succeeded where other blogs haven't survived. 

This summer will bring lots. I have to hold on tight and take it one day at a time and ask for help. So here is to make money and live on caffeine and granola bars.

What the Dear Lord??? 4/100

I cannot write tonight; it would brake the commandment not to be on Social when angry; however, I don't want to skip a night in my writing. So I will discuss a salad.

This Salad was amazing yesterday. I went to Applebees for lunch with my dear friend and had a Shrimp and Spinach Salad. This is how they describe it: Tender spinach, crisp bacon, roasted red peppers, red onions, toasted almonds and hot bacon vinaigrette topped with grilled shrimp.

I have wanted this Salad now for the past four meals. I successfully made an imitation last night for dinner. It was amazing and I loved every bite. Now I cannot get this salad out of my tastebuds.

So I recommend.

PS...I deleted what I wanted to say 5 times now. Just take this a filler post as I get through a slump til tomorrow.

What is Upcycle Art?

By: Amanda Narcisi

Last holiday I put myself out into the trenches by setting up some booths at local craft fairs and maker markets. While the profit was little the knowledge was great and I got the following questions a lot from customers.

What is Upcycle Art?

Basically, it is when you make art or crafts out of what would end up in a landfill. basically making something cool out of trash.

What was my first piece?

I started with cigar boxes made into jewelry boxes. I was given a cigar box by a cigar shop owner in lower New Hampshire. I took it home and added some fabric and one of my photos to the top and I had my first piece done.

I moved recently to beer coaster after seeing a Pinterest pin on how to make your own coasters. During my next trip to the six-pack store, I picked one of the coolest six pack art. I then went to construction junction and got some tile and Micheals for cork. 

Where else do you sell?

Well here is the tricky part. Marketing yourself sucks. I tried Etsy and sold nothing and the markets turned a bit of a profit, but not much. My next step is a line that is Pittsburgh only starting with Penn Brewery. Try to generate some local love.


Overall I like the upcycle art life. It allows me to make something useful out of trash.