Is Failure Even an Option?

"You will Fail"

Every book about running a business or working freelance has a paragraph about failing. Is it even an option? I know it is a inevitable part of the process. We try something, we fail, and we try something new until we succeed.

But those of us who shy away from opportunity based on fear of failure will never get the chance to try again. But here I am. Six weeks since I got let go from my job. In a matter of six months I went from two jobs to none. Again so here I sit.

This month I decided to make a game plan for what I wanted to with my life. I want to make art and BOLD Pittsburgh into a profit and finally make my life what I want it to be. So far I haven't failed. Every goal I have succeeded and surpassed what I thought would happen. I sit here with multiple notebooks filled with my notes and ideas to make it all work. 

Last night I finally said "Self-Employed" for the first time. Before I said "Unemployed" and "Laid-Off", which at that point someone would correct me.

Today that turned an ugly way. As I finished my eggs and coffee I thought "What if I Fail?" I have surrounded myself with people who say: "Try again". I know rejection letters will come and not every business in Pittsburgh will buy advertising, But what if a no money is made at all?

The Answer: Then you try something else. 

I guess I have to say this over and over until it sticks like "Self-Employed" rather then "Failure".