In Need of a Project

When I was in school it was easy to get myself motivated to do work. I was getting a grade and paying for classes and had a portfolio to build. Now I have all these friends who do amazing work as these projects and they are in Instagram and Blogs and are putting together shows and I am sitting here wondering if I can do the same. Yes I could...Recently two of my friends did amazing projects one was a 100 day project where each day for 100 days she created something. Yes she totally rocked this. At day 77 (last night) she hadn't missed a day. Another friend went and did her first gallery show. It was Endangered animals with flowers. It was amazing. I was astounded. In the beginning of the year I did start a Photo a day project, but then I got frustrated that most of it was of my food.

So here is the Project and I decided on something easy. I know it is my first and I already have a second project for the next one is a bit harder. I decided the best way to complete the project was to do the alphabet. So today I start with "A" and the illustrations last the week. I am a busy girl and decided this way I know I won't give up on it if I decide I can't work on it. Now I needed something to go along with the letters. 

If you have ever been to my house or went to school with me you would know that I love to paint flowers. Not a specific kind but I have these ones I always do in any medium. I chose flowers and certain flowers pertaining to the letter. And a something different I decided that the pieces will be done on the computer, which I never did before.  

  • A-African Daisey
  • B-Balloon Flower
  • C-Camellia
  • D-Dahlia
  • E-Eared Coreopsis
  • F-False Rockcress
  • G-Garden Cosmos
  • H-Hardy Geranium
  • I-Iceland Poppy
  • J-Jackman Clementis
  • K-Kurume Azalea
  • L-Lanceleaf Tickseed
  • M-Mallow
  • N-Nasturtium
  • O-Oakleaf Hydrangea
  • P-Painted Daisey
  • Q-Queen of the Prairie
  • R-Red Fox
  • S-Saucer Magnolia
  • T-Thatch Palm
  • U-Urn Plant
  • V-Verbena
  • W-Watermelon Peperomia
  • X-Xerophyta Viscosa
  • Y-Yangtoa
  • Z_Zigadenus Elegans

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