What is Upcycle Art?

By: Amanda Narcisi

Last holiday I put myself out into the trenches by setting up some booths at local craft fairs and maker markets. While the profit was little the knowledge was great and I got the following questions a lot from customers.

What is Upcycle Art?

Basically, it is when you make art or crafts out of what would end up in a landfill. basically making something cool out of trash.

What was my first piece?

I started with cigar boxes made into jewelry boxes. I was given a cigar box by a cigar shop owner in lower New Hampshire. I took it home and added some fabric and one of my photos to the top and I had my first piece done.

I moved recently to beer coaster after seeing a Pinterest pin on how to make your own coasters. During my next trip to the six-pack store, I picked one of the coolest six pack art. I then went to construction junction and got some tile and Micheals for cork. 

Where else do you sell?

Well here is the tricky part. Marketing yourself sucks. I tried Etsy and sold nothing and the markets turned a bit of a profit, but not much. My next step is a line that is Pittsburgh only starting with Penn Brewery. Try to generate some local love.


Overall I like the upcycle art life. It allows me to make something useful out of trash.