My Amazing City Life 1/100

The thing about Pittsburgh is that in one day it can give you everything you want and some days it can kill you. Literally. Today was the day that made you want to skip across the Andy Warhol Bridge and realize that hard work in this city can give you everything you want. Enter scene: today.

Since Friday I have been freaking out about today. Two big meetings, one with a contract job and the other a really cool summer job. I have a horrible time with days like this. Days that could make or break me for the rest of the year.

I set out in the morning on the trolley with the idea of how I want things to play out. I wanted the meeting with the lawyers and contractor grow into a great freelance job for the next six months. Then I can get the job at PNC Park waiting tables at in the Lexus Club and keep Apple going at the same time. I did my Mantras and left this morning still with the biggest amount of reservations my gut can hold. The trolley ride into town tore at my guts. I was more and more anxious with every stop the train driver announced.  Eventually the train squealed to a stop at Wood Street and I exited the car with Steve right in front of me. I am thankful I had my biggest support there for me all morning.

After I sent him off to his bus to Troy Hill and work I put in my headphones and picked some light-hearten fun song and started towards the Wood Street Starbucks by Point Park College. Once I arrived I ordered my favorite drink and sat down and started to work on some of the work I was already doing for the client I was meeting with.

At 11:30 my contact met up with me and he briefed me on how the meeting would go. I was just to do the content writing for these websites and let the design up to someone else. Which was good cause I needed the stress off of me for these projects. The meeting went the way I thought it would I sat and listened and didn't have to many questions. All I knew was this work could keep me going for a while.

After the meeting wrapped with another meeting planned and a phone call tomorrow I was almost time for my interview. I had enough time to eat lunch. I stopped at Hello Bistro and had a salad and green tea. I worked a bit on my schedule and browsed Facebook. I then headed down to Starbucks #2 which was Penn and Sixth. I sat for a cookie and a hot chocolate.

Around 2:15PM I headed to PNC Park for my job interview. Now most will say this is a weird job to want. But I would get to work in the park all summer, out in the sunshine, and there is no better money then service industry money. Plain and Simple. I got to my interview on time and I was a bit relaxed. I think I was too relaxed. The interview didn't last more then 30 minutes and I was escorted through the back of PNC Park, which was cool to see the behind the scenes.

I was offered the job.

Then as I left I saw that I won a ticket to an event I really wanted to attend, but couldn't afford. So I had the final moment. I literally squealed and jumped up in the air outside of PNC Park.

To top off my day I saw my friend Jen after work and she had just moved to the city and so I knew I could convince her for a cup of coffee. During my time with her, Steve finished work and met me for some dinner. We needed to celebrate.