Damn it's After Midnight 2/100

They say nothing good comes after midnight. That usually means bad decisions and bigger regrets. Honestly it makes me think of my college days.

I recently sold an iPhone to one of my teachers from Art Institute. While I was ashamed I wasn't at some big design firm (nor have I ever) I found myself being proud of what I have accomplished. Which I a tough pill to swallow. I take on too much; I know that, hence why this blog post is so late at night. I had to record the podcast for BOLD first. But really where was I today? I am very secure in the decisions I am making and I know I am calling the shots and walking from the bad decisions and bad bosses. Money was tossed aside for happiness.

I told my instructor all the fun we used to have with all the teachers and how much they all meant to us. He is the only one left at the school from the time I attended. I made decisions then and I was sure that I should go have breakfast with my friends rather then hitting the library to read another design book. But did those decisions effect the failures I have now? Is this the true butterfly effect?

Midnight...You are a wicked witch filled with uncertainty.