Determination 6/100

Today I had to travel from Penn Brewery to Allentown for some co-working time with friends, and I was coming from the Strip District over Troy Hill to Liberty Bridge. When I rounded to corner to the bridge for Troy Hill the car in front of me slammed on his breaks. Just as I was about to shake my fist in the usual "You Jagoff" I saw the biggest moment of determination I have ever seen.

She was dawned in pink pants and a pink stripped shirt and a back pack, on a bike; an elderly woman riding with the best of them. I was very proud of her determination.

Then I thought about my own business and why I built it and my determination not to give it up. I mean short of writing the blog completely myself when everyone else gets busy, and the podcast, and the books, and the marketing and meeting. If I thought I was sitting on a dud I wouldn't work everyday at it. And February has been Troy Hill. Everyone including myself has battled with work and depression and personal struggles this month. And I happens every six months with BOLD is that I toss up my hands and yell "I give up!" 

And then today I sat down and decided that I needed a schedule and to not give up and that I can do it and that everyone that wanted to have it succeed.

So I am halfway up the hill to reorganize and keep it going, to motivate and take it to the next level.

So where is my bike.