The Creditability of a Blogger 7/100

This topic came up today in a podcast I was recording and I thought to elaborate.

I love BOLD with everything I can when it comes to loving a business. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into it and I run it with a hole lotta heart and guts. But I find as I don't name drop and I don't walk in where I am not invited and I don't announce myself; that doesn't mean I should be discounted about the services I am try to give to the city.

If I tweet you a review, read it, not because I want the number, but because I said something about your establishment and it might not be good. Hence I am honest. That is one side to my creditability: we are honest. No one is padding my pocket to talk about you. That is a bonus. I won't insult you but I may tell you that I thinkyou should change something to be better.

Also I choose to come to your event or establishment because something intrigued me. It wasn't your name or celebrity endorsement. It is because I like what you sell. 

I don't care about my numbers; well I do, but not why you think. I remember being asked about a month ago about my numbers and then I was compared to another city blog. Sure they had higher numbers, but they also had far less credible content then me, I don't want to be compared to them. I am my own me and I am proud of other aspects of BOLD, Not my numbers.

So why may I not matter? Because this is only my opinion.