The End of Weight Loss Challenge 8/100

The end of February marks the end of the first Weight Loss Challenge I have ever done. Well unless you count Weight Watchers where I lost about 60 lbs. I didn't really weigh myself through this challenge. But I feel healthier and had more energy without a second coffee or tea. I however have drank more lemon what er then ever.

The Challenge was to use the Lose-It app and then be on a team with my peers from Apple. The cool thing was the accountability of my fellow employees helped me along. I am less then a week from ending it and I feel like I might not want to go back to not using it.

I stuck with Weight Watchers for years until I couldn't afford it anymore and I will go back someday after my finances are more secure but this might due for now. I also know it will get easier and I will work at walking more and maybe even jogging again. That would be amazing.

So maybe I won't give it up after February.