I Fought Against the Peanut Butter Eggs 10/100

I love groceries. It is an addiction. I like shopping for food at different grocery stores and for specific foods. I usually am at Trader Joes once a week and Shop n' Save every other day. It can also be a weakness because whatever I want to eat I just buy on site. It can be good because it is always fresh. But tonight I fought the Easter Bunny.

Not the physical Easter Bunny like the above scene from Mallrats, but the GIANT display of Easter Candy. I have been doing so well with my weight loss challenge and I have considered keeping it going. I feel skinnier and I have more energy. I haven't binged on chocolate or been super bad, other then wine, for the entire month. I am writing more, doing more art and I am more motivated then ever. I BLAME FOOD. Since I have gone healthy I feel better. So when we went to Shop n' Save tonight to grab dinner and some staples like cheese and bread I noticed Steve made a beeline for the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. But I stopped him and told him it couldn't even be in the house. To the outsider it probably looked like a hilarious rom-com scene of a girlfriend pushing on the man's chest saying: "Please no! I am feeling better and it can't be in the house! I ate FOUR packages last year! And not FOUR individual, but FOUR SIX-packs of eggs!" He was giggling and pushing back and desperately reaching for the eggs. I won the battle and the Easter Candy stayed at the grocery store.

In the end if I had the will power to fight the Easter Bunny, I can continue on. Now to buy a scale.