Revive Your Engines 9/100

I am reading "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero and I couldn't believe that my mind shifted in one day.

I woke up yesterday with this renewal in wanting to run BOLD. For weeks now I have had the mindset of "Why bother?" After two years I was questioning BOLD's life-span which turned into questions of rebranding (again), questions of what to do, and questions of quitting. There was no fear involved just a moment of running like a hamster round and round. I couldn't see the next step. I knew I am dealing with a double edged sword when I need numbers to get sponsors, but I need sponsor money to get numbers.

Either way I woke up yesterday and went to another meeting for BOLD. More people helping. More people knowing us and what we want to do. Then it clicked. We had a larger meeting that night with four of the writers and my co-editor. It seemed like everyone just agreed that we go through a slump in February and just are ready to get going again. Then we cam e up with a new plan of attack and started in on March.

So in one day we revived our engines for BOLD. Thank God.