Come on Weather 11/100

I live such a hermit life in the winter. It is hard to get me to do anything outside of the four walls of my Mt. Shannon home. I spend most of the time writing and binge watching Netflix only to venture out when I go to Apple for work. I need a break in the forecast. 

My camera has a coating of dust on it and it bothers me. I need a break in the snow and cold to go on a nature shoot.

I started nature photography as a hobby when I live in New England because if you didn't live in Boston you were bored. I live so fat outside of Boston that I lived a mile from a state park. In the sunshine you could find me in the park, covered in mud and dirt, taking amazing photos.

Now that I live back in the city I crave nature and I only went out once last year. So this year I have a list of trails and places to go.

I can't wait.