My "Like" List of Control


Well it is February and if you know me I am not one for New Years Resolutions, but I am one for Groundhogs Day Resolutions. This year I didn’t do “My Three Words” most likely because I am terrified that I won’t embrace them because my brain has been mashed potatoes the past few months. This morning I had a revelation. It is time to clean out the unneccasary clutter and I don’t just mean me closet and home space.

I mean my brain. I surround myself with like four or five projects and HATE saying no when offered a new opportunity. I know there are things I want to do more like write more blogs and photograph more of the amazing Pittsburgh. I want to work non-stop on BOLD Media and grow it to everything I want and then some, but then I worry about my money and my jobs and growth a development in them.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Eric and He showed me his iPhone and I was impressed that all of his apps was reduced to three folders. He said that he was less likely to play on his phone and search for things. He used Spotlight and was in the app he needed and then back out off the phone. Another friend Amy deleted Facebook off of her phone. She found it to be a time suckage and wanted less screen time. As a person on her phone and computer all day I get that. It is a drastic move considering most of BOLD’s business is on Facebook and Twitter. But that is when it hit me: It is what I am seeing that is the start to decluttering.

Part of running BOLD is that I have to be attached to every event in the city. I say I am interested in an event on Facebook and then I like local blogs, personalities and places to go. My “Like” list is out of control. My “Follow” list is just as bad. I decided to “unfollow” quite a few of the pages that over saturate my feed. You can “unfollow” without “unliking”. Give it a shot. You will still be able to go to their pages and get updates but they wont be the only thing in your feed. It will also cut your screen time because if you are like me and school until you see an old post then tihis will cut what you are scrolling. Not to mention you wont see the posts from the robots but more from your friends and things you really care about.

My next goal is my iPhone. I have an overloaded iPhone. It isn’t just Photos and Contacts. It is Apps. I try an app and then tuck it in a folder and say, well I might use that. Then I use it just once or once a month and still keep it on my phone. Like I never use half of the Adobe Apps I downloaded, but there is a chance I might someday. That is bull. It needs to be down to what I use everyday. If anything those ones I use once a month like Fandango I can download and then delete after I use it. I feel like it is out of clutter control.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify…Henry David Thoreau