Indy in Pittsburgh

Today’s post comes from Stephen Harkleroad of Crank Crank Revolution, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on Pittsburgh is Beautiful, where I share some beautiful photos of Pittsburgh.

Recently, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford announced that they were preparing for the creation of a new Indiana Jones movie.
This is big news for those of us who love the Indiana Jones franchise. Sure, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was disappointing, but there's always a chance that they can redeem themselves before Spielberg asphyxiates under his huge pile of money and Ford eventually crumbles into dust.
But I got to wondering. What if the new movie wasn't set in Cairo, or India, or Turkey...but in Pittsburgh?
No doubt everyone's favorite action-adventure archaeologist will be dodging potholes, avoiding unlicensed Burger Kings, and running away from sketchy food trucks.  Beyond that, though, lies a huge amount of opportunity for fun and adventure in the steel city. Here are some ideas:

  • Indiana Jones and the Search For Parking On Carson Street
  • Raiders Of Noah's Ark
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest For The Last Hills Department Store
  • Indiana Jones And The Parkway West Of Doom
  • Indiana Jones and the Search for the Actual Last Steel Mill Still in Operation
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Moving To Lawrenceville
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles II: Complaining About Gentrification
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles III: Settling For Garfield
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Putting Weird Unhealthy Stuff On Salad
  • Indiana Jones Coaches The Pittsburgh Penguins Because Apparently No One Else Can
  • Indiana Jones Finds out Pierogies Are Awesome, Just Sits There And Eats Them For Two Hours While The Nazis Take Over Europe
  • Indiana Jones and the Hunt for Rocky Bleier's Super Bowl Rings
  • Raiders Of The Milk And Bread Aisle At Giant Eagle After Three Inches Of Snow Are Forecast
  • Indiana Jones and The Menace Of The Post-Gazette Online Comments Forum
  • Indiana Jones Gets Beat Up By John Fetterman