My Body, My Temple

When I first told my grandmother, who was a a cranky but insightful woman, said: "Your body is a temple, why desecrate it." I replied that I was instead giving it a hyroglyphic. I have now 6 tattoos. But I am currently sitting in a doctors office and I am starting to think more of my temple from a health standpoint.  

I have had two cancer scares. One resulted in a surgery that makes it rough for me to have anymore kids. I also had my Gal Bladder out. A horrible episode that I don't wish on anyone. I have also had two births; one with pain meds and one natural. Countless mammograms, Pap smears, and exams. I roll my ankles every week and I have had crutches once and a brace another time.


The point: my body had been through so much. And in perspective to the people around me I am healthy. For the first time I work two jobs on my feet and I don't have shin splints or plantar facitis. But for instance, this doctor visit is for my partner who is in so much pain he can walk. Or my dad who is now on dialysis and has diabetes. 

Here is my chilling thought. I haven't been to the doctors since my last surgery. Two years ago now. The thing is that I feel healthy. Yea I am curvy and I can't run a mile, but I don't smoke anymore, I drink minimally and when I do it is usually wine, and I no longer crush entire packages of Oreos like they are my bitch. Instead I try to eat healthy do some yoga and I work to much to exercise.  

Bit it even though I have insurance again I don't feel like being poked at or told that I may have cancerous cells and they need to cut them out. I don't want it. 

My temple is just fine.